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Scott 1000

The toilet paper aisle has a problem. With thousands of overly confusing and complex claims, it’s hard to determine where the real value is. Well, it’s in the numbers. Scott 1000 has – you guessed it – one thousand sheets of toilet paper, more sheets than any other branded T.P. on the market. Making us America’s longest lasting roll.

But through the clutter of claims that is the paper category – how do we stand out? The best way for the consumer to understand “long lasting” is for her to experience it. So, we measured their real lives in sheets.

What does that mean? We took real people – popular YouTube vloggers – and had them show us how long one thousand sheets really is through everyday adventures. How many trips to the bathroom for a family of six? Or a potty-training toddler … A family get together … A play date … A road trip?

We had these five families take Scott 1000 on an RV adventure across the U.S. to show LITERALLY how long Scott 1000 could last.