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Dart Global Rally

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Visual Designer & Creative Director, JT Andexler helped introduce and Dodge to the Global Rally Cross in an interactive digital experience with race car driver Travis Pastrana and the all-new Dodge Dart. 


Dodge Dart

In the most competitive car category out there, our job was simple: make the Dodge Dart stand out. Our solution was bringing the car to the Global Rallycross and having our rock-star driver Travis Pastrana show it off, while winning a few trophies along the way.


The immersive, parallax experience took users on a journey around the new Dodge Dart with Travis Pastrana. As the experience built, users could discover some of the new features and unlock hidden "Easter-eggs" along the way.


Our video teased the release of the new Dart as well as the Dodge brand's entry into the Global Rally Cross (GRC) — driving users to the online experience.


Dodge Dart
Global Rally Experience

Awards & Accolades:
2013 W3 Awards – Gold
2013 Creativity International – Gold
2013 WebAwards – Gold
2013 IAC Internet Advertising Awards – Outstanding Website
2013 International Media Awards – Outstanding Achievement Award

Client: Dodge
Agency: SapientNitro
Roles: Creative Direction, Concept Development, Strategy, User Experience Design