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Cottonelle Flushability

Marketing & Social

Getting people to think twice about flushable wipes.

So it turns out, people flush a lot of things in the toilet that aren’t flushable and the Cottonelle brand has been getting a bad rap for it.

In order to turn brand perception around (while educating consumers) we put together a simple, but effective program called “What to Flush”. The program took a humorous angle to the problem by showcasing flushing culprits (aka: cloggers) and helping them identify what to flush in their toilets, so they could in return keep their rap sheets clean.

Video, site and social helped tell our story and continued to educate consumers on the importance of recognizing what’s safe to flush and what isn’t.

In the end, I also learned that flushable wipes are pretty awesome and a must have in any bathroom.



Turns out, people flush a lot of things down the toilet they shouldn't. In order to bring light to the issue, we took a humorous angle and showcased flushing culprits (aka: "cloggers") while educating our audience on what to correctly flush down their commodes.


"What to Flush" Campaign

Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: VML
Roles: Creative Direction, Concept Development & Social Strategy
Production Agency: Optimus
Director: Logan Hall

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